Travelling with a Pet

How to Add a Pet to Your Ferry Booking

The Pet Travel Scheme was introduced by the Government in 2000 to allow pet dogs, cats and ferrets to travel between the UK and certain countries (mainly EU countries), without quarantine. Not all ferry operators have the facility to take pets; if pets ARE allowed on the route you want to book, adding pets will appear as an option in the booking form after 'number of passengers'. If bringing a pet into the UK, the pet will have to be part of the Pets Passport Scheme. Depending on the ferry operator and route, your pet may have to remain in the car for the duration of the crossing, with no passenger access.

Travelling With A Pet Abroad

Below is information on the basic requirements and current prices for each ferry operator that will allow pets onboard.

For full information for those wishing to take their pets abroad under the Pets Passport Scheme further information can be obtained from the DEFRA website.

Please Note: Check-in time for passengers travelling with animals is between 1 hour and 2 hours prior to the scheduled departure time, times vary with each operator.

Basic Requirements When Taking Your Pet Abroad

1. You should have your pet microchipped before any of the other procedures below. A Micro chip must be fitted to ensure correct identification of your pet.

2. Your pet must be vaccinated against rabies. The length of the waiting period before entry to the UK is 21 days after the first vaccination date. A waiting period is not required for subsequent entries into the UK, provided rabies boosters are kept up to date. If the vaccination is in two parts the 21 day wait will be from the date of the second vaccination.

3. You must apply for your EU Pet Passport. If you are preparing your animal in a non-EU listed country or territory you will need to obtain an official third country veterinary certificate, (apart from Croatia, Gibraltar, Norway, San Marino and Switzerland who also issue pet passports).

4. Your dog must be treated for tapeworms before entering the UK. The treatment must be administered by a vet not less than 24 hours and not more than 120 hours (1-5 days) before its scheduled arrival time in the UK. There is no mandatory requirement for tick treatment. No treatment is required for dogs entering the UK from Finland, Ireland or Malta).

Top Tips - Did You Know

Dogs, Cats and Ferrets can only come into the UK via certain routes

All ferry companies available on this website are approved to carry pets. PLEASE NOTE: You may not bring a pet into the UK from a private boat or plane.

Travelling between UK and Republic of Ireland

There are no requirements for pets travelling directly between the UK and the Republic of Ireland.