Driving Abroad

Driving Requirements in Europe

Before you drive abroad you need to be familiar with the local rules for drivers. These regulations relate to seatbelt laws, speed limits and headlight requirements. These rules also relate to drink driving laws and any additional equipment you will be required to carry in your vehicle.

Driving Abroad - Before you Go

1. Check with your insurance company that you are insured to drive abroad.

2. Check whether you need a Green Card for the country you are visiting.

3. Check whether you need an International Driving Permit.

4. Familiarise yourself with the driving laws of the countries that you are visiting.

5. We would advise that you take out suitable european breakdown cover and travel insurance which would cover any medical expenses resulting from an accident.

6. Service your vehicle before leaving the UK and at the very least check your oil and water.

7. Check that your vehicle complies with the vehicle requirements of the countries that you will be visiting.

Documents You Must Take With You

1. A valid full driving licence (not provisional), with paper counterpart if you have a photocard licence. Please note that you will be required to hold a Full Drivers Licence whilst driving abroad. You should be aware that provisional licences are only a national document and DO NOT ALLOW the holder to drive outside the territory of the issuing member state.

2. Generally All UK driving licences should be accepted including the older Green Style licence. However if taking an old licence you will need to ensure you have photo I.D with you at all times. We suggest that prior to driving abroad you apply for the new style licence which incorporates photographic I.D.

3. The original vehicle registration document V5.

4. If you can't get hold of the V5 then we would recommend that you obtain a document called a Vehicle on Hire Certificate also known as the VE103b.

5. Your motor insurance certificate.

6. Your passport

Compulsory Equipment Required When Driving Abroad

Before taking your car abroad you must make sure you have all the compulsory equipment required and we strongly recommend other equipment when driving in Europe. We have produced a guide which provides full details of what you will need.